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On leaving University, I initialling worked as Designer/Programmer working with 3D Studio Max, Macromedia Flash and Authorware.

After a 6 year stint in commercial E-learning I moved to Falmouth to work as a Research Technologist in the Network Art Research Cluster [iRes] for 7 Years. Since 2011, I have been a Learning Technologist in Falmouth's Academy for Research & Innovation.


Web Design & Development
Animation and  Visual Media Production
Live Streaming
Museum Interactives
App Development

Selected Project Timeline


    The Projects Network was a decentralised approach to websites in Academy for Innovation & Research @ Falmouth University. In short we had 3 options:

    • A - WordPress login to post to the Projects site
    • B - your own WordPress site running off the network
    • C - cPanel web hosting to do your own thing.
  • Enlightend Eye: video [work in progress]
  • Enlightened Eye + 2 other interactive exhibits installed @ Liskeard & District Museum

    The Enlightened Eye App was developed from to allow visitors to the Liskeard & District Museum to learn and explore the local Geology in a fun way. Once a museum volunteer has moderated the content is synchronised to the via a swipe of a smart (RFID) card.

    The Enlightened Eye was developed in collaboration with Designer/Maker Jason Cleverly.

    Alongside the Enlightened Eye a interactive Geological Cross Section exhibit was also designed and developed.

    Downstairs a bespoke Kiosk was developed to annotate a collection of historical paintings by Jane Stanley, which were commissioned for the museum Curator Anna Monks.

  • Passed - PG Diploma of Higher Education: Creative Education

    I'm currently working on my MA Creative Education Research project, working title:

    Online communities and assessment: using peer review in the connected studio.


    Introducing new platforms from concept to live service, e.g.

    OnAIR - live and on-demand streaming service:

  • Tangible Video installation @ Truro Cathedral

    Visitors start a video by placing an item on to a box which contains a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader. RFID chips are attached to the objects and trigger the start of the films.

  • Learning Technologist @ Academy for Innovation & Research - Falmouth University
    Whilst working at the Academy for Innovation & Research, in addition to other outputs on this timeline l have been involved in a variety of different projects:
    • Providing technical consultancy via AIR’s Residency and Sandpit programs
    • A dash of systems integration getting open source PHP stuff like Drupal to talk (SOAP) to .net stuff like MS Dynamics CRM.
    • I also administer numerous servers and 40+ websites using: WHM/cPanel, VMware, Moodle, Drupal and WordPress.
  • Landscapecutter @ InsideOut, Object: Australian Design Centre, Sydney

    Landscapecutter uses: a mountain bike with a GPS, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data and 3D Studio Max to create a unique miniature object based on the early industrial Cornish landscape created by tin mining.

  • Dr Johnsons Garret @ House of Words, Dr Johnson's House, London

    Interactive Work-table and Escritoire was my first collaboration with Designer/Maker Jason Cleverly, it was originally commissioned for the exhibition “The House of Words” (May-August 2009) at Dr Johnson’s House celebrating the 300th anniversary of Dr Johnson’s birthday. Dr Johnson is famous for writing one of the most influential dictionaries in the history of English language, published in 1755.

  • Passed - PG Certicate of Higher Education: Creative and Academic Practices @ Falmouth
    • Taught on Alternative Distortion units on 2 academic years of MA TV Production
    • Taught a web development unit on BA Broadcasting level 2
    • Guest lecture on BA Digital Media level 1 (2010)
  • Bespoke VJ MIDI Installation @ Participation Falmouth
  • Research Technologist @ iRes - Network Art Reseach - University College Falmouth

    Whilst working in Falmouth’s Network Art (iRes) research cluster my technical explorations we’re focused around: augmented reality, mobile apps, open source network technologies, physical/environmental interactions, network devices and calm interfaces.

    My main responsibilities were:

    • Assist and collaborate on research projects.
    • Contribute to external knowledge transfer and research bids.
    • Develop new material for curriculum and cross-curriculum units and workshops.
    • Configure, administer and develop web based research projects and websites.
  • e-learning Developer @ CNDL | CBT Developer @ VEGA PLC
    ActionScript/Flash development for: Basic Skills Agency, LearnDirect & Tesco Authorware based SCORM compliant CBT for Aerospace and Defence Industries
  • 3D Animator & Interaction Designer @ Creative Learning Media